Friday, September 28, 2007

Book Giveaway @ - Winning Strategies for Trading Forex

The author Grace Cheng has graciously donated a copy to John Chow. The book "Winning Strategies for Trading Forex" has enabled such success for a trip around the world! That's not the end of it though! It's also turned out to become a online reality show -

Only one entry is accepted. Reply to Mr. Chow's post, and your in! Want to increase the odds to win? Blog about the event, and leave a trackback. Bait isn't strong enough, eh? Alright... want the edge right? check out the full rss feed for a third entry!

Winner will be drawn Sunday night.


इन्त्रोदुक्शन: थे वन ऎंड ओनली!

Since this is the opening post of my blog I'll enlighten you as to what it's for। In case you haven't noticed the internet trend is moving past message forums onto social networks. I might as well get on board while I still can!

What BlogDiversity offers?

Basically randomness with different areas of interest। Specifically a variety of categories. If you want more information take a look at the about page.

Well, this concludes the first post.

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